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Browse reddit using a fast, slick, and feature packed interface.Includes convenient features:● Optimized Tablet Layouts with multiple panes.● List Mode with fast scrolling and swiping right to left to show more options (voting, comments, sharing).● Expanded Mode to show all your favorite content with horizontal scrolling per subreddit.● Gallery Mode to easily scroll through images and posts.● Login functionality to allow for personalization.● Ability to view your Inbox and filter by folder.● Subreddit Manager which allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe from reddits while allowing you to find new reddits based on what is new or popular.● Subreddit Manager search mode allows you to find a subreddit easily!● Side Menu to allow for quick switching between your favorite subreddits!● Voting bar to show upvotes and downvotes. Great visualization!● Built-in Subreddit Filtering with Quick UnSubscribe.● SFW/Mixed/NSFW modes to suit your needs.● Sorting by category (Hot, Controversial, Top, etc)● Comments View with voting bar per comment and fast scrolling with swiping for voting and sharing.● Ability to reply to comments and posts when logged in.● Filter comments to show only OP (original poster) comments!● Sort comments by Best, Hot, New, Top, Controversial and Old depending on your preference.● Built in browser to load reddit posts with progress bar.● Save images directly from the browser and open/etc.● Capture screenshots of entire browser area or just the view that you see. Screenshot can be saved/opened/shared/etc.● Automatically saves list of visited posts.● Multi-Core supported for faster loading! (Android 3.0+ only)● Built in support for Holo Dark theme.
*More features on the way. Feedback welcomed and appreciated!